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Writing to a foreign girl?   What's the weather like in her part of the world today?
A little humor, please...

Honestly, I don't remember where this came from... but it's funny.  I haven't tried this vodka...
Wait! Did I just say that?!  There's a Russian vodka I actually
haven't tried yet?

Police: Wife runs over her husband for not voting!  (Yes, you read that correctly!)

A Mesa man was in critical condition after his wife ran over him with her Jeep because she was upset he didn't
vote in the presidential election and feared her family would suffer with President Barack Obama's re-election,
Gilbert Police said Monday.

Holly Solomon, 28, was arrested about 10am Saturday after she chased her husband, Daniel, 36, in a parking lot
on Gilbert Road near Vaughn Avenue, police said.  Sgt. Jesse Sanger, a police spokesman, said Holly was
arguing with her husband because she "believed her family was going to face hardship" as a result of the
election.  The victim tried hiding behind a light pole, Sanger said.  He eventually started running toward the
road but was struck by the Jeep and pinned beneath it against the curb.

Holly was booked into jail on domestic-violence charges.

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Thousands of foreign
women seek a reliable,
romantic, faithful, and
sober life-mate!
You can find them
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 Why do so many foreign ladies from all over the world join
international marriage agencies like A Foreign Affair every
year?  What are they hoping for?  What expectations of us
men do they have?  Are they just looking for a ticket out of
their country?  A Green-Card?  Some quick money?  Worse?

A lot of assumptions are made about both the men and the
women in this process.  If you believe half the stuff written
on the bathroom wall of the Internet, or most media
representations of so called ‘mail-order-brides” then the
search for a foreign life-partner is no more than a futile
exercise for the depraved and desperate.   I assure you, the
women whose profiles are posted at and
similar sites are not poor urchins sitting in their mud huts
waiting for the first Neanderthal to cross the Bering
Straights, throw them over his shoulder and bring them
back to America.  And happily, most guys in the foreign-
bride search are not socially dysfunctional sex tourists but
rather genuine nice guys trying to find love and simply
choosing to not limiting themselves to Cincinnati’s city
But what do foreign women really want?
So many international women seek foreign husbands every year...
We know that domestic guys try international dating to meet lovely, intelligent, feminine women they aren’t able to connect
with here in the states.  We know they are here in the search because thus far they haven’t been able to find HER among their
local options.  But why are so many foreign women
really here?  What do they want – from us?  I have asked hundreds of
international ladies that exact question and their answers were marvelously consistent over the past ten years and thousands
of miles of distance from city to city.  In other words, a woman in Sumy,  Ukraine in 2011 gave me the same answer as a lady
from St. Pertersburg,  Russia in 2001 – and countless others along the way.

If you ask one what she hopes for, she’ll simply say “I want everything I have now – plus the husband.  That’s it.  I have a job, a
place to live that’s comfortable, a bank account.  My child attends a nice school.  I can pay my bills, buy some clothes and food
without skimping too much.  We go out on the weekends for a picnic or to a show.  Sometimes we vacation somewhere in
Europe for a few weeks.  I am close to my friends and relatives.  I like my life, my city, my country but I have no man.  Life
would be so much better with someone to love.  So – I want all that I have right now, plus the husband and that’s what I want to
get out of this.”  This is what 99% of ladies who join an agency to meet a foreign guy will ask for.  
Simple enough, right?  Sure it is.  And yet, as you will read
in another article here, 90% of those same ladies will never
meet anyone – because 90% of guys who write them will
never get on the plane and go anywhere.  And why is that?  
Because 90% of the men who write letters to foreign
women, however genuine they may be at the beginning of
their search, will talk themselves out of success because
they’ve been brainwashed by the media for years:  
“Beautiful women do not fall in love with everyday Joe’s like
you for perfectly legitimate reasons.  You’re not rich
enough, you’re not handsome enough, you’re not this, and
you’re not that.”  A lifetime of such negative messages is
too powerful to overcome.  Their brains have been to wired
around that ugly, baseless paradigm.  

We’ll address the roadblocks that prevent so many men
from getting on a plane later.  Here is where we stress that
everything you’ve probably heard about foreign women and
mail-order-brides is probably wrong and outdated.  Most
foreign women on dating sites are not poor, not destitute,
and not desperate – they are fine and happy.  They’re
simply lonely, like you, after so many months or years of
trying to find someone to love them and give their love to.  

You’ll read all over the Internet that the motives of foreign
women seeking husbands abroad are not to be trusted.  
Don’t you believe a word of it.   Remember what I wrote
earlier – people fall in love every day all over the planet for
perfectly valid reasons and no rule has ever been written
that says you can’t give your love to someone from any
other country on Earth.  You need only remove the barriers
imposed by an uneducated culture and a biased media –
and get on the plane and go.


Experts believe Russia's population, currently estimated at 142 million, could decline by as much as 20 million over
the next 25 years. Men are especially at risk due to poor health habits, alcoholism and already low life expectancy
(58 years.)  On average, women outlive men in Russia by 16 years.
Women who are of a typical  marriage age
greatly outnumber similar men!  
So, where does that leave the average Russian or Ukrainian girl who feels herself
ready to find a soul mate and settle

According to Russia's Ministry of Statistics,
in the year 2010 there were approximately 9 million more Russian
women then men! Ukraine's numbers reflect a 3.5 million surplus in the number of women to men.
population has declined by 2.5 million in the past 10 years. In an address to the nation in 2007, Vladimir Putin said
that 80% of people who die annually of working age in Russia are men!  Alcohol plays a part in the deaths of 2/3's
of Russian men under 55.

In December 2006, in response to the above crisis, Russia's government passed a law allowing mothers who had a
second child the equivalent of $10,000 US Dollars in support.  One Russian city’s officials even adopted a “Stay
Home and Procreate” holiday which would pay workers to take a day off and work on making babies.   (Now that’s
what I call a holiday!!)  Unfortunately, according to a Christian Science Monitor report in 2006, many Russian men
are still not interested in having more children.  The problem, for so many foreign women, is not a lack of desire to
have more children, but rather the shortage of interested men
with whom to grow a family.  
And there you have it:  the REAL reason tens of thousands of foreign ladies from the Former Soviet Union join
international marriage agencies every year!  It may be their "best" chance to find that monogamous, sober,
loving partner.  

Guys always think I am stretching it a bit when I say that but the truth is any Ukrainian or Russian lady might be
young, attractive,  thin, educated, and a great cook who can also knit and sew. One could look absolutely stunning in
jeans or irresistible in an evening dress.  She could be a loving, loyal and completely dedicated wife and mother.
Despite all of this - there are thousands of girls just like her in every city in the Former Soviet Union.  

Beauty just isn't the commodity in the Former Soviet Union that it is here in America.  And yet not only are so many
foreign women lovely on the outside, they also possess great inner qualities that make them ideal life-partners!  
Trust me on that one, boys! "That's the one good thing about this country," a Russian friend of mine once said.  "So
many women - and all available!"
Wandering Camera - photoalbums about St.Petersburg, Russia
Fellow Russophiles!!  Check out this
excellent, extensive collection of pictures
and videos of St. Petersburg, Russia!
By Request:  A Fiancee Visa Timeline!
You Found HER!

The one glorious person who completes who you are in this world.
You met, you fell deeply in love, and you want to spend the rest of
your lives in each others arms.  But... she's thousands of miles
away.  How do you bring two distant worlds together so your
dream of a loving wife and happy family become reality?

If you're lucky enough to have met someone who loves you so much
she'll  completely redefine her life by relocating from her country to
yours - you need to know what steps to take to assure the shortest
possible time for her arrival.

The Fiancée Visa Process can be intimidating in theory, knowing
you'll need to gather documents, submit forms, wait for approvals,
answer any issues with the USCIS (formerly the INS,) and help your
Fiancée plan and attend an interview with the American Embassy in
her country prior to approval.  Communication needs to be
constant, clear and patient as you work diligently together toward
your future. Costs are associated with each stage but needn't break
anyone's bank.  Most importantly is to know what to realistically
expect and to stay calm, focused and optimistic.  Thousands of
couples receive Fiancée Visas from the US government each year.  


Basically, in order for you to secure a Fiancée Visa for your future
Foreign Bride, you and she must meet the following requirements
and take the following steps:

You must be a U.S. Citizen.

You must have met your foreign Fiancée within the past 2 years.  
(Be prepared to document that meeting with photos of the two of
you together, copies of hotel and plane/train tickets, and copies of
the stamped page(s) in your passport.)

You both must be legally free to marry at the time you submit the

Your Fiancée does not have a criminal record.

Your Fiancée has not violated any US Immigration Laws.

Your Fiancée must successfully pass a medical examination at a US
State Department approved clinic just prior to the K-1 Visa

You must meet certain financial requirements. (Basically you must
demonstrate that once your girl is admitted to the US, she's not
likely to end up on Public Aid and that you can, in fact, live above  
poverty level.
Time Line of Events in the Fiancée Visa Process:

Q:  I have submitted the I-129F application and related
documents for initial approval from the USCIS (United States
Citizenship and Immigration Service.) How long should it take
for me to receive the initial approval?

A:  Approximately 30 - 120 Days
The time from submission to your first approval will vary
depending on several factors, such as what state you reside in
and what country your foreign Fiancée is from. Once you submit
your initial application and related documents you'll receive a
receipt notice. Assuming all necessary documents are in place
and you've done your paperwork correctly you should expect the
initial approval stage to take between 1 and 3 months on
average. If there are missing documents or signatures,
incomplete forms or no payment - there will be obvious delays.
Many Immigration attorneys will tell you the processing times
are actually faster than the USCIS will predict.

Q:  My application has been approved and will be sent to the
National Service Center  then to a Foreign Consulate (US
Embassy) for further processing.  How long before we hear
that an interview has been scheduled?

A:  Approximately 2 - 4 Weeks to be notified, then
approximately 30 - 45 days from notice to be interviewed.
This is often the hardest time period in the process for couples.  
You'll likely receive no further notice about the status of your
application until the Foreign Consulate schedules her interview.
(Applications for women from Russia, for example, are sent to
the US Embassy / Foreign Consulate in Moscow.)  You can
search for updates on status at the appropriate Consulate
web-site. One day, your case number will magically appear
there with an interview date.  If you check this daily, you could
possibly know her interview date before she does and call her
with the good news! Interview notices are sent to the girl by mail
or delivery service, which take a few days to arrive, obviously.  

Prior to her interview, she will be asked to complete several
tasks.  She must get a police report from her local precinct
stating she has no criminal background. She will also be
scheduled for a medical examination a few days prior to her
interview, the confidential results of which will be sealed in an
envelope for her interview official. Petitioners (that's you) will
also need to complete a financial affidavit to show you meet the
requirements and provide your Fiancée with this information for
her interview.  Finally, she will need to visit a FedEx or DHL office
and purchase a pre-paid shipping envelope from the US
Consulate to her residence to take with her to the interview.

Q: My Fiancee's interview with the Consulate has been
scheduled.  Once she receives her  Fiancée Visa, how soon can
she come to the US?

A: Right away!
She will not receive her visa at the interview, rather it will be
sent to her within a week (typically) via the pre-paid shipping
envelope mentioned above. Once in possession of the K-1
Fiancée Visa,  she has 6 months to enter the US. Once she
enters the US, she'll have 90 days to be here for the visa period.  
The visa period cannot be extended, so once she arrives she
must marry you within that 90 day period or return home.

I am neither a trained relationship counselor nor an immigration
expert. The information contained on this web site may provide
general legal information but is not intended to give legal advice or
counsel on any specific legal matter. It does not create an
attorney-client relationship and should not be relied upon in lieu of
legal counsel.
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